Friday, January 12, 2007

Today was pretty successful...scanned slides at work for 4 hours straight, organized my desk area to start the new semester, unpacked my new wacom tablet, dabbled with that for a little bit, and finished the rooster painting. this painting was inspired by the rediculousness of my out of control bangs by the end of the night. feeling like a cock-a-too, the bangs were the inspiration for the rooster.

I have been in a dance music craze lately. I downloaded two of my fav songs from working at a&F: tracking treasure down by gabriel & dresden and what a feeling by peter luts. and have been dancing in the temporary empty apartment to these songs as well as depeche mode. luckily i dont have neighbors across from where all the dancing takes place. i feel like this year is a new chapter in my life, i have my show to look forward to during the summer, ed is coming home in march/april, the sisters might be coming for st patties day, a lot of things to be grateful for.

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Halli said...

I am also grateful for this blog, and your bangs, and the bang-rooster.