Sunday, March 18, 2007

Finally A Minute to Breathe

Spring break greeted me a little earlier than usual this year. My sister, Amy, flew in from Cleveland for five days and just flew out today. We had beautiful weather Wednesday and part of Thursday, but it soon shifted to hail and snow on Friday. My break couldn't have come any sooner.

Thursday we trekked the entire span of Houston searching for Clinton street on the Lower East Side, but to my poor navigation skills, we walked alllllllllll the way west. So... on our way east we saw this billboard. The picture is dedicated to mom and Kate who think he is mighty fine.

Us after braving the hailstorm to get what?....icecream. haha

On Saturday, Amy and I went to see the yearly grouping of attractive firemen and policemen all in one place, also called the Saint Patrick's day parade. It didn't beat a Cleveland Saint Patrick's day Parade, but comes in a close second.

cute little girls playing the accordian

After the parade and irish pubs, Amy and I later met up with her old roommates from college and went to Park Slope for a party.

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