Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I received two birthday presents...

...only they came 5 months late. I think hands-down present two is the best present.

Present 1: Dunkin Donut's free iced coffee today. What a great way to end the work day.

Present 2: The safe arrival of Ed back home to the states! This day has long been awaited for the past year and a half. It feels odd that when Ed called me last year and told me he was going to Iraq, and that he would be gone for a year and a half, it felt like it would be forever...I thought to myself "gee, by the time he gets back, you'll be almost done with junior year." This was something hard to fathom back then, but now that I am almost a Senior, it kinda scares the crap out of me. But a year and a half gone by, I have done a lot of growing in the meantime. Pray for everyone else that is still over there. My family got our soldier home safely, but there are still alot of other step-dads, grass mowing experts, flag pole putter-uppers, home depot lovers and dog chasers over there. Well--gotta paint. Chao.

This post is dedicated to you Ed!

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