Thursday, August 9, 2007

Putting up Smog and Smokestacks

Well, I am beginning to recover from putting up my show this past Saturday and all the festivities that went along with its opening. My sister came in from Cleveland on Friday, my show went up Saturday, and Sunday brought in my two best friends from Cleveland and the farewell of my sister. I couldn't have been able to put up my show without the help and support of my sister, Kate, and my two roomies, Lauren and Katie. They were fantastic with helping me bring down my 8 wooden panels and lending a keen eye to make sure the paintings were hung straight. THANK YOU! And also a thank you to Adge and Maria, who came out from Cleveland to see my show. It is such a nice feeling to have people that I have grown up with, come out to NYC to be able to see how much I have grown since my high school art years.

Last but not least, thanks to my family back in Cleveland, who sent me beautiful flowers to celebrate my opening. It all started with their support back in highschool, and of course, buying me those expensive art supplies for Sr. Lucia's class ;) . Thank you!

For any one new to seeing my work that picked up one of my postcards at Klatch, welcome! And thanks for checking out my blog. I hope you will frequent my blog and website often to see new work that I put up.

And for those of you haven't been to Smog and Smokestacks, go to:
Klatch coffee shop...9 Maiden Lane in the Financial District (just south of Fulton)
and my closing reception Thursday August 30th 5-7pm. Light appetizers will be provided and drinks can be purchased.

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