Friday, December 21, 2007

Global Warning comes to an end...

...well just at Parsons, that is. Today was our final day of thesis and everyone brought in their work. The last two weeks were hell, but I think it all paid off. I can now exhale a big sigh of relief. I want to thank my mom, ed, amy, kate, maria, adge, and my roommates katie and lauren for all their support through this semester. Only a few more days until Cleveland. In the mean time, I am just catching up with boring things like laundry, but then going to be doing more things like christmas shopping, going to the Met to see the Gauguin paintings that have been off limits for the wing's renovation, and soaking up as much of the city before I jet off. Then my goal is to get my new site cut up and coded after I get back to the city in January. Much love to all!

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