Sunday, January 6, 2008

22-to-look-forward-to in my 22nd year

Happy New Year!
I am enjoying Cleveland so much. I have been able to go to two thriftstores since I have been home and have scored some fabulous finds. Fun tops with prints and some leather boots that I have been wanting since I had to throw out my old ones.

As much as I love being home, I feel like I can only draw when I am back in New York with all my things around me at my desk. I miss that. I can't wait to start drawing again. In the mean time, I started to code my site which is exciting to see it start to work.

Since I'm 22 I forced myself to think of 22 things that 2008 holds for me:
1. GRADUATION! finally!
2. an unknown future
3. the real world
4. making products that have my illustrations on them
5. hopefully selling those products on
6. interning for Jordin Isip
7. my senior show
8. my family coming to New York
9. seeing the statue of liberty
10. a new apartment
11. moving in with amy in may/june
12. being able to decorate a place
13. learning about michelangelo
14. a new website
15. sending out promotional postcards
16. job interviews (please!)
17. fun nights out with my roommates
18. maybe some out of town guests

this is tough...
19. carrying out a promise to my grandpa by drawing/making something to decorate his walker
20. learning again to silkscreen
21. to try to take more photographs of things that inspire me
22. this one is my secret to keep

I took these pics tonight when my family went out to dinner at Great Lakes Brewery and then had drinks at Bier Markt.

I thought this lamp was really interesting with the translucent leaves

I thought the luminosity of the candle made the bottles look sinister

Until next time...

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