Sunday, April 27, 2008

Some News...

I got my postcards on Thursday, which is a relief. It took a mighty long time for them to arrive to me. I am pretty happy with them. I have been making labels to send out to art directors. This will be my second mailer. Does anyone want me to send them a postcard? Just email me

When I went out today I noticed that all the tulips are in bloom at City Hall Park. They are so beautiful. I wanted to take a few pictures because last year when they bloomed, they had all died within a few says. So sad.

I sewed a whale. It's red.

The issue of Current came out this week with my illustration, along with my classmates' work. It is teeny tiny. But that's okay. It looks good. They spelled my name wrong, and it wasn't my last name they spelled wrong which is what normally happens. It was my first name. Geeze.


S Y L V I A P A R K said...

cute cute whale!
cant' believe they spelled your name wrong --but i thought your illo looked great in the magazine :-)

CW said...

Nice work!
It's so hard these days to find a good proofreader. Oh sad day.