Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Super Cool Toys

I swear, I must have the best family ever. Ever.

I was talking to my mom about this project that I am doing and wanted to put illustrations on building block toys, like the ones we all play with as kids. Well, my mom got thinking and realized that we probably still had them in our house somewhere. And what do you know it, Ed goes up into the storage roof of our garage and finds our old block toys. Ed got them down, my mom packaged them, and here they are today!! I am so pumped about them. It brings me back to when I would play on our scratchy raspberry-colored carpet zooming cars around.

I got so excited, I made a little narrative.

"It was a normal day waiting for the bus.

A dog and a high heel are standing passing the time.

Ms. High Heel notices Mr. Dog.

Mr. Dog notices Ms. High Heel.

So she walks over. Says hello.

And they wait for the bus together. "

The End.

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