Sunday, May 4, 2008

the week my family came to visit. part one.

This week has been everything I have been looking forward to during the last 4 years. My family is coming to ny twice, once for my show and then again for graduation the following week.

We started out with a trip to brooklyn brewery. fun times.

But before that, we went to max brenner for lunch.

and i was given these nasty lookin' pickles. people who know me, know that i hate pickles, never had them, never will.

Even the bus boy asked if Ed was Max's bald cousin.

then we went to see the statue of liberty up close and personal.

then ellis island museum

i had to include some cleveland love.

The two pictures above is the registry room, where all the immigrants would wait in line, have their examinations, basically pass the time. The one on top is the one today, and the picture below is what it used to look like. The museum was definitely a learning experience, and provided a lot of inspiration. They had really interesting old typefaces on pamphlets, they showed the clothing they brought in massive trunks, and they had beautiful bibles and torahs. I would recommend it highly.

i'll post more on flickr in a few days...

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Cat Lauigan said...

ah, good ol' brooklyn brewery