Thursday, June 5, 2008

Work Ties...

My co-worker/supervisor at the Slide Collection, Kate Gilliam, asked me to do a tshirt design for her non-profit gardening group, Trees Not Trash. They do marvelous things in Bushwick (which is in Brooklyn for those readers outside of New York City area).
Trees Not Trash transforms areas of Bushwick into wonderful green areas with all sorts of flowers and trees. The tshirt is one of their main fundraisers to keep making Bushwick more green. I will let you know where/when these tshirts can be bought! Thanks again Kate!

While I am speaking of my coworkers, this weekend is Mocca, and fine illustrator and fellow slide scanner, Cat Lauigan will be there selling her totally killer zines. She has put together an awesome silkscreened zine, Cateyez, that she will be selling at table B45. She also graciously is putting out my postcards for people to pick up. I'm gunna go and so should you. Thanks Cat!

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