Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Haven't Written in a While

Yes. That's right. I haven't written in a while because I haven't had internet at my new place (major bummer), have been working 9-6 at the Gap everyday, moved from one end of Manhattan to the opposite, was workin' on a freelance job (which I may post soon), and got the sad news on Saturday that my beloved grandpa passed away on Saturday evening. Needless to say, I haven't had the time, or the ability, and now my heart really isn't in the right place to make a 'regular' post.

While my grandpa wasn't doing better or getting any younger, the news still hit me hard. And I it still hasn't really hit me, I think I am in shock. His passing came one day before my grandparent's 63rd wedding anniversary, so it was bittersweet. He was the best. Tomorrow morning, I am leaving on a flight to Buffalo for the wake and funeral. I am bringing with me the drawing I did of him awhile ago in a nice wooden frame. I am framing one for me and one for him. Two in all. One will be mine and the other one will be with him. A limited edition of sorts. My grandma insists that we don't wear black at the funeral because my grandpa hated when us ladies wore black.

"Why wear black when there are so many other beautiful colors?" he once said. I agree. So I am going home after work and picking out the most colorful dress I own...xo Grandpa thanks for the memories.

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