Tuesday, May 5, 2009

ive got my eye on these...

It has been so murky-dismal here in New York practically this entire last week and more rain is forecasted for the rest of the week. BUMMER! I have been wanting to get some exciting hair accessories for the spring and summer to pull my hair back during bad rainy days (hello savior from bad hair days!).

Found some majorly cute stuff on etsy. This could be bad for my funds...

$22.00 via Sheabay on etsy

$13.00 via myvintagelolita on etsy

via myvintagelolita on etsy
super cute, but just dont think i could pull off a huge leaf that covers half of my head. still cute though.

$12.00 love these sweet, girly blossoms that are simple in design, but yet so refined.
via jedugoddess1228

and this scarf that i just adore. i am gaga over it. i have been majorly into the leopard print now for spring and find this just genious. via necklush. range from $40-65

last but not least....simply adorable birds nest ring and two headbands to wear on more adventurous days via goldspun

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