Thursday, June 11, 2009

Spring Craves

I have an obsession with big floral prints & sweetheart necklines. They are so endearing for the spring/summer and can really punch up your mood with a simple change.
Pair w/ a jean jacket and you're ready to go.

love this minus the side bow, gotta customize it!

via badbabyvintage. $25.

i think the hat is better than the dress even!

via highlandandponce. $15 each dress.

I like the criss-cross empire waist. Very nice detail.

via butler and maid . etsy. $30

This skirt was one that had me at hello and it is already gone.

via whatcirca. already sold :(

This gold top is super cute, but think it would be kinda stuffy to wear on a hot day. Maybe it's more of a top to wear out at night when it cools down.

via CositasSeriasVintage. $23.

Wish me good luck unpacking today! xo

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