Sunday, July 5, 2009

Dime Bag Show

My old thesis teacher, Jordin Isip, who I helped as an intern last year, invited me to make a piece for a show he was curating, Dime Bag 3. It is being held at Giant Robot NY, going up sometime in the next few weeks and runs through August. I will have more specific details to follow.

This is a brief synopsis of the show from Jordin Isip and Rodger Stevens:

Each of the more than two hundred invited artists will receive a 3" x 3" clear ziplock-style bag, a "dime bag" of sorts, which is to be used as a container for their piece. The 200 bags will be installed in a grid-like arrangement, each hung with a single nail (unless special measures are required) across two walls of the space...There is no overt conceptual theme to the show beyond the device of the bag itself and each artist is free to interpret the simple parameters we've cooked up as they wish.

And my art that I submitted at itty bitty scale to fit in the 3x3 bag.

Thanks for the invite Jordin!


MichaelWC said...

i would wear that last image on a t-shirt.

lindsey said...

thanks mike!