Thursday, August 20, 2009

a life update

These past 2 weeks have been quite a whirlwind, but, gotta say, I've had a blast.

I have to back track a bit...hold tight:

-went home to Cleveland for 4-day quick trip (finally taking advantage of my PTO yay!)
-while home, went to Put-in-Bay, an island in Lake Erie
-while home, also went up to Buffalo to visit my grandma
-came back to NYC
-celebrated Amy's 29th birthday
-Adrienne came to visit
-met up w/ our cousin Steve who came to NYC for business

To start somewhere....
I had dinner w/ my old friends...

Yep, these are my two best friends that go back to my highschool days.

Maria & Adrienne

Then Next day went up to Buffalo, NY to visit my Grandma.
This is in Seneca, NY. I love the yellows and reds of the indian reservation's signs and this guy, a Indian chief statue (sorry relatives, I do not know exact details of this statue, only that I love taking a picture of it when I come in)

One of the beautiful farms in Eden, NY.

I love coming here because such interesting things to shoot in the car...passed up this tractor.

The day after Buffalo, was girl's weekend in Put-in-Bay.

The dogs were in the car while mom dropped me off at Maria's. It felt like highschool days again.

We drove out to PIB in the raining downpour

...but after a few hours it turned out really beautiful

This is at the Perry monument on Put-in-Bay (Adge's great great great great great bla blah great uncle)

Winery on PIB

Heading back into downtown Cleveland

Got back and had to throw my stuff in my bags, say farewell to my mom and get to Hopkins to wait for a couple of hours (my flight was delayed, typical).

Now back in NYC:

Amy's 29th Birthday Aug 14th, had a great dinner at Sotto Cinque on 86th St.

Then Adrienne came into town the following Sunday!

Here are pics from her trip here:

Dinner in Tribeca w/Adge and Steven, my cousin, from Buffalo.

At Bubby's in Tribeca (good choice Amy!) Thanks for dinner Steve. Delicious!

Blurry mamacitas

At Sweetiepie on Greenwich St. This is becoming my favorite restaurant to take the girls.

Mini Icecream Cones w/ Mini Sprinkles...what is cuter than this?

Adrienne and I had a romantic last dinner over candlelight and was impressed by Jesse, our waiter's gracious charm to hit on us ladies...very smooth.

That is it, it seems. My flickr will be updated in a few days w/ more pics. I will post here soon, I have somethings up my sleeve...Until Bridget's & Josh's wedding to look forward to on the 5th of September in Buffalo.

Woohoo another Kerwin wedding!

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