Sunday, September 27, 2009

late night jewelry cravings

After seeing these beauties on wherethelovelythingsare... etsy seller, maranon,

I wanted to give etsy another shot. It just seems (at least to me) to take a little bit more effort to sift through the multitude of products that I am just not that in to, aesthetically speaking.

Anyways....I gave it another go and fell in love with a few sellers....

plaid is not bad necklace ($25) by
(this seller is the writer for the above link to blog)

chunky alpaca tights
($225) by isobelandcleo

massive neck plait
($225) by isobelandcleo

berry pendant
($36) by thepebblecollection

stuffie necklace ($49) by misakomimoko who lives in barcelona

another soft necklace ($45) by misakomimoko

BFF tubular necklace
($45) by christinedomanic

and I'm was really excited when I stumbled upon andJames's
aphylla vintage chain

dioica vintage white grape stone necklace
($45) one of my major favorites

goldfinish bell necklace ($35)

stone rosary necklace ($45)

Etsy has gotten back on my good side :)

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