Thursday, October 1, 2009

fall of the reasons is because Fall means
October is here!
(and i get to wear my favorite, bright orange sweater that is in the above picture!)

Finally ! The best month of the year!

To celebrate I...

...treated myself to a pumpkin spice latte & pumpkin bread loaf @ starbucks

...bought oodles of pumpkins at a bodega

...have got my eye on this awesome sweater
from sphinxlover on etsy. ($40)
Too bad its for kids :(

...sang this song
to say goodbye to last month

...dream that I can snatch one of these sharply cute necklaces (and not squirm when I put it on).
via squirrel bunny left right (both $48 ea).

...and sang this song to get in the mood for the potions and spookiness Halloween has in store this year!

What are you doing for fall? I'd love to hear!

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