Sunday, October 25, 2009

The List

I know I promised this a day or two ago...but the bday girl had to party a little, okay?
I've come up with my 24 for 24 that I need to strive after/achieve/just do:

24 for my 24th year.
1. Listen better (Tom knows this and I am working on this...)
2. Save money for my Greece trip when I'm 25
3. Take more pictures
4. Make 1 alphabet/month
5. Write one letter/weekend
6. Seriously look into salsa classes
7. Try doodle embroidery
8. Go to the aquarium w/ tom
9. Go upstate with Amy and Katie (Did this 2 weekends ago) done Oct 09
10. Carve a pumpkin
11. Make brown sugar pecans
12. Make my own christmas presents
13. Take this specific photo at the Highline that I have in mind
14. Show my portfolio book to textile design firm
15. Get my website to work
16. Invest in better shoes
17. Take more fashion risks
18. Spend 1...gasp....1 week without looking at
19. Put up wall frame collage done 12.11.09
20. Do this multi-panel animal art idea (it makes sense in my head, maybe not in writing)
21. Make red velvet cake done 12.12.09
22. Go to picture collection 2-3x's a month
23. Compose a favorite oldies song list
24. This one is my secret...

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