Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Things to look forward to....

This October makes me plenty happy for the because reasons:

[Snapped this walking around with my family in Midtown on the West Side.]

-my parents are visiting and we are going to some awesome places like the Intrepid and making trips to Glaser's Bakery and making lasagna together

-a special road trip with 2 special ladies Amy & Katie to go upstate NY for hay-rides, warm apple cider, oodles of pumpkins, and views of the Catskills

-my 24th birthday! :) and dancing the night away with some special people

-Where the Wild Things Are finally coming out & going to the Spike Jonze & Maurice Sendak talk at the MOMA w/ Mr. Tom

-Old High school friend's visit to NYC

-making my Princess Peach costume (and maybe a Yoshi costume too....)

[Lovely sunrise I snapped outside my window the minute after I got out of bed.]

-carving pumpkins

-making candied pecans once the nights become too cold to be outside too much

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