Saturday, December 5, 2009

If I were to get a Christmas bonus this year... that is going to happen!
I stumbled upon this website, and rarely do I fall in love with a website's entire aesthetic, but this one, well this one was pretty spectacular.
Beklina. It's a MUST check out!

I. Ronni Kappos Rainbow Multi Disk & Black Bead Necklace $195 here

GreenBees Emma Boot $220 here

Fox In Mociun Print Pillows $48 here

vanaHelsink Dress $260 here

Lina Rennell Sheepskin Blanket and/or Rug $140-360 depending on size here

Rachel Comey Pouf Skirt here $150 on sale.

Mociun Shasat Dress $260 here

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