Sunday, July 25, 2010

ICON recap

Phew! Finally get a minute to talk about my ICON trip.

ICON was such a great experience, definitely worth the flights across the US.
I met a lot of great young illustrators that are starting out like me, as well as heard inspiring talks from the pros: Melinda Beck, Yuko Shimizu, Gary Taxali, and John Hendrix.

I learned about orphan works, design integrity, and the value of being different.
I learned about the importance of social media, of being memoriable, and of always producing something.

I also met some great young artists, like me, just out of school or still in school who had some impressive work. Here are a few, but not all: David Gonzalez, Nick Iluzada, Hannah Lee (also a parsons alumn), Connie Wong, and Eveline Tarunadjala.

I'm looking forward to ICON 7, where ever it may be held!

But until then, I gotta get crackin'!

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