Saturday, July 31, 2010

Target in Harlem

Today, Amy + I ventured up to East 116th in Harlem to check out the new and only Target (for now, at least) in Manhattan.

Instead of writing about the craziness that happened inside the store, I shall write about what pleased me to bits.

All of their marketing for the store is ILLUSTRATION! And I am just dying to know what illustrator got this awesome job. They, she, or him did such a swell job on it all!

Does anyone know? I thought that I might have heard about who did it on the illustration blogs I read, but nothings been said. :(

Everything from their printed ads, t-shirts of guys handing out the metro on the morning commute, to poles in the front part of the store, to a fully encapsulated 6 train (check out this article, Target paid $250,000 to cover no.6 trains for 6 weeks!!), all of it is drawn.

And you know the best part, they have a free shuttle that's from the store to 116th and Lex and 125th and Lex.

And of course, you called it, the free shuttle bus is covered in illustration too!

[Yes, that's Amy holding a huge 18 pack of Charmin ;) ]

[Happy and on the Target shuttle bus.]

Good for Target to use illustration!

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