Thursday, September 9, 2010

Asking for some feedback...

Psst! I need some feedback...what do you think of the above?
Would you be interested in buying one?

I am about to start selling products online, but would like to get an idea of what people might be interested in actually buying.
Would you have any interest in buying any of these?

I think I will extend my work to also be on placemats, fabric napkins, as well as the above, pillows, oven gloves, and pot holders.

Any feedback would be so, so helpful! Please just leave in my comments or comment on my facebook posting of this!

Thanks so much in advance! xo


lorraine nam[sta] said...

I love the top left! I think you should definitely go and make these.

lindsey said...

thanks lorraine. a lot of ppl are liking that one too!

David Gonzalez said...

these are all pretty darn cute, I'm lovin that gator pillow. I'm curious though how/where would you get them printed?

lindsey said...

thanks david. how are you doing? i am getting them printed at an on demand website that prints a bunch of things once an order is placed.