Wednesday, March 9, 2011


A new series here on my blog...

So, here it goes.

Things That Mean Things #1
My Grandma's 'Left-Over' Earrings

It was a year this past Jan 12th since my grandma's passing and it was also the same day as the horrible Haitian earthquake that took so many lives. So when the news covered the year mark of Haiti, I had these memories come back....

After my grandma's funeral, my extended family gathered and we were able to pick the items from my grandparents that we each would really enjoy inheriting. We were able to pick 1 at a time. Round and round we went, each picking. My cousin picked a ring of my grandma's that he hoped to give to one of his future girlfriends. My sister picked a pearl bracelet that she will be wearing on her wedding day this September. And after everyone had picked what they really wanted, there were a few things that were left over. And these earrings were the things that were left over. I really didn't think I would wear them, but my sister told me that I could totally pull them off, and nobody else could.

So, I took the earrings + necklace set in their velvet case and added them to my small set of the items I picked from my late grandparents. Fast forward to coming back to New York, and as time went on, I grew to wear the earrings more and more. And now, when I am looking for a really nice piece to wear, I throw on these 'left over' pair of earrings andfeel like I am channeling my glam grandmother.

Night on the town w/ Katie wearing my grandma's earrings.


Photographer Jessica Peterson's photos of sentimental items inspired me to take on this project by illustrating my own.

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