Thursday, March 24, 2011

What a Guy

I'm going to pause for a mushy post.

It's a few days post due...but I am so proud of the design work + efforts put forth by Tom for the UNITE FOR JAPAN fundraiser put on by the Unite for Japan team.

Tom designed the logo + took pictures of the event this past Saturday. [You'll see me & Amy in there.] They raised $10000 that night and are still accepting donations on their site here. They have currently earned $17K but are looking to make it to $25K. They really have done a phenomenal job with this.

On the same note, it makes me sad that it's been about 2 weeks since the disaster and it seems like the media is making it 'old news.' I hope that people can continue to donate in the coming months and keep saying prayers for all the heartache that will be felt in the coming months and years plus.

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Heart Charlie said...

What a wonderful fundraising effort!! I have been listening to the BBC radio and there are updates on the Japan situation every hour of the day! At least the rest of the world's media is not as daft as our American media !