Friday, January 26, 2007

End of first week

So, I made it through this week. And I think I am going to love this semester b/c I really like my classes and my teachers, but I am worried about my painting class. It's back to oil painting. I feel like I finally have this thing going w/ acrylics, and I have to switch. For me, it's either oils or acrylics, not both at one time. I'm just kind of annoyed. Endless drying time, washing my brushes for forever....My teacher seems okay, I am just irked because I hate figure drawing, and I haven't escaped it just yet. One more semester of "experimenting." I just want to start producing artwork that I know I will be able to use in my portfolio. On the bright side, we have to make a 10 foot drawing over the course of the semester, so although it will be a challenge, I think the end result will be very interesting.

We had to draw 5 still lives on a two hour break today. I drew my sandwich and my coke can. They were the best of the five I drew.

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