Sunday, February 18, 2007

I have been doing some research for an upcoming poster design that is brewing in the background. I could spend hours looking at books of old german, dutch, and french poster design. Here are a few of my favorite posters that I scanned for reference.

On a side note, I have some small news here to share with y'all. I will be going to PARIS this summer!! I am going for a two-week drawing class, called Drawing in Paris. I decided it on a whim, figuring that I need to study abroad before I graduate and it wont be as long as a semester, and I probably could still keep an internship if I land one for this summer. It is July 2nd-14th, so if anyone will be in Paris then, we should meet up. HAHA, never did I ever think of saying, "let's meet up in Paris."

I am super pumped for the new Parsons magazine that a collective of about 15-20 people working on it. I have to get my butt moving tonight to get my illos done. We are trying to pull it all together this week, articles, art, layout, and printouts. Pheew...I hope it happens.

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