Monday, February 12, 2007


Yesterday I went to the New York Toy Fair at the Javits Convention Center. It was a really interesting day to just see the kadrillion types of toys that are out there. Parsons was invited by a sculptor of toys that came to talk to my toy class last semester. The whole event is very exclusive, only people from the industry are invited, so our invitation was very generous on Brett's (the sculptor) behalf. The whole event felt a little awkward though. I wore a badge that said, "GUEST" in big capitalized letters. All of the vendors/exhibitors wouldn't even talk to people unless they were "BUYERS" which makes sense, but made me feel weeeeeeeeee small. None the less, I saw a lot of great companies that use beautiful illustrators to adorn toys, books, baby clothes. I got many of their cards for later use.

School is picking up. Things are starting to build up w/ more intense projects. I think I figured out a more successful story-line for my children's book, I will be starting to develop my website (keep an eye out for it in a few months, it will just be my name,, plus drawings for my painting class. the joy of art school. For now, here is a drawing I did for my concepts class of a house from Marie Antoinette's village in France. I saw it when I went to France in 2004. How time flies.

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