Saturday, February 10, 2007

So I finally finished my two concert posters. It took extra, double, x's 2 the amount of time because I had to halftone everything. Meaning, I only used 2 colors, but made shades of it by making the different shades by using dots of the color at different frequencies. Meaning, this project was often accompanied by some choice words as well. This one, I posted the original a few days ago, this one is the halftone version.

original poster (top),
halftone version (bottom)

Also went to the Parsons, publication meeting today. There will be a Parsons newspaper/publication coming out this semester. It will the first one since the last one 3 years. There was a good turn out, so there will be a multitude of talent working on it. I will probably have a few illustrations in the first issue and hopefully will continue doing it through this semester. Keep an eye out for it, there will be some action going on inside the elevators in a few weeks.

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