Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Thesis Painting II: The Arrival

This is the second piece for my thesis. I am am about 2/3 done with the painting of the panel. I have been taking in-process pictures, so I will make sure to post those soon.

I have been feeling a little restless lately. I feel really restrained this semester with producing art. Yeah, I feel like I am going in a better direction with my thesis, but that is the pretty much the only work that I have been able to make so far. All my other classes are non-art producing (except my web class). It makes me a little sad :( But next semester I think I will be on art over-drive because I plan to take 4 art-producing classes which will allow me to do some projects that I have been itching to produce (think: extinct bird illos on stationary, maybe letterpress, some more sticker designs). I really want to start making things that people can buy. I just miss drawing alot! sick of the papers and motion graphics...sigh.

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