Saturday, August 23, 2008

An Ode to Color

I find that I am in a red phase now. I open my closet and a good majority of it is red, red with polka dots, red with stripes, it's more of a tomato red, like the red of your first tube of red lipstick when you are a freshman in highschool, when you don't know any better but then realize it when you look back at those dance photos once you are in college. Anyways, seems like a lot of people are wearing more color these days:

It's all about 'callah' here in new york this time of year.

From the sartorialist
He is a genious. His blog is an inspiration and helps when i have to draw people with up-to-date clothes. The pictures are impeccable and the people are gorgeous.

This is total deliciousness.

This is genious, palettes inspired by the genious.

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