Tuesday, August 26, 2008

so, what's been up?

Compared to how things use to be during school, I feel like I have finally been able to live to the fullest extent over the last few weeks. Things have been busy but pretty awesome!

my two chicas from highschool came to visit.

went all over except down in the sewer to highfive the rats.

then one of my work friends had a bon appetit photo shoot at her place. Her and her husband will be having a 6 page spread in the holiday issue out in nov/dec. The theme was old world glamour, so we all got out our gloves, furs, glitzy holiday dresses to play the part. Look for me!!!!!! My red high heels might make the cut into the magazine.

It was interesting to see how the stylist set up everything from the different plates to the fabric napkins with embroidery to the equally-thick sliced bread. As well as seeing the makeup artist go to work and the hairdresser who made everyone look 'old-world glamour' fabulous.

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