Thursday, June 18, 2009

Michelangelo's first painting

My heart skipped a beat when I saw this feature article on tonight. What is thought to be Michelangelo's first ever piece of art, let alone first painting, was recently bought by Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, TX and is now on view at the Met. This 'resurfaced' painting shows early signs of what Michelangelo developed into his aesthetic language: a distinguished palette and figures in motion showing their anatomy.

This article even stumped me! I took a Michelangelo class my Senior year where we analyzed all his works all the way from one of his known first sculptures, Madonna of the Steps, to his last piece, The Rondanini Pieta. We didn't even know about this piece of artwork when we were studying him! This is all very cool to me. I heart Michelangelo. I think I am going to have to see it before it leaves NYC in September.

Madonna of the Steps (what the world thought to be his 1st piece of artwork. This piece is 1 of 2 low relief sculptures Michelangelo completed during his apprenticeship at the school of Lorenzo de'Medici, the other sculpture is the Battle of the Centaurs).

Rondanini Pieta (the last sculpture that Michelangelo worked on until his death).

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