Sunday, June 28, 2009

Settlin' in

It has been about 3 weeks since I moved in and things are starting to feel a little more homey. I am working on making my room a little sanctuary for myself. Being totally me, a total design freak, I made a mood board for what I want my room to look/feel like. If I don't have a set vision, I am soo all over the place and just buy stuff that is cute, but then it doesn't really mesh all together. is my mental work in progress...bigger version on my flickr

I am refurbishing my existing dresser by painting it and replacing the knobs with ones I got from Anthropologie. I especially like the cute yellow bird! :)

I took these shots minutes before the movers arrived w/ all our stuff, so it looks really empty.

Peeking into our kitchen

My lovely large closet

View out of my window

Still gotta get a bookcase, hang art, and paint/put new knobs on my dresser...phew.

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