Sunday, July 26, 2009

Great weekend!

It's thunderstorming here, now, here in New York. Kinda a nice way to clean away the weekend and refresh us from the intense mugginess we have been experiencing this past week.

And also a nice time for me to recap the great weekend I had with my sister, Kate + her old friend Sarah, coming to visit from Cleveland.

We had such fabulous weather for all the fun stuff we had planned.

Dinner on our terrace

Yankees vs. A's game

all the NY Yankee legends on one side as you walk in:

Woa! Just noticed the comb-over on that dude!

Sarah and I went into the Yankees museum and they had some really great memorabilia from the 1920's. The design of patches, numbers, posters, and tickets was the most interesting to me.

Really cool patch on their Vintage Centennial uniforms. I had to get this shot to show the guys at work. (they've been doing a lot of patches for summer 2010).

Amy asked to hold the 'How May I Help You?' sign. Of course she would.

Kate took pictures for me at Crumbs for my 'sweet treats' section for flickr. Yum.

Pigeon Lady on e. 9th and 1st

Got a picture infront of my baggie at Dime Bag 3 yo!

Looked at the stores next to Giant Robot.

Group shot w/ Seth and Rachael included

The BEST picture of the entire weekend. Hand's down.

More of the weekend's pics are here.

I ended the weekend with a trip to the Met to look at the Michelangelo painting that I blogged about here. Super amazing upclose. It's kinda got the same affect as the Mona Lisa, you think it's (or rather hope) gunna be huge, but then it's really small and everyone crowds around it to look really close. I was that person. I didn't want to move once I got infront of it.

On another note, whenever I go, I have to say hello to my favorites:

Gauguin, Two Women. 1899.

Gauguin, Ia Orana Maria, 1891.

Phew, that's it. Have a great week. I'm working on some new stuff for 'From Jupiter,' another Tshirt design. SO I hope to have some art to post by Friday. Check back!

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MichaelWC said...

i'd like to check out that t-shirt once you get it done. i dig t-shirts.

speaking of, ever heard of i think your stuff would go far.