Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Parents Visit

My parents came in to New York two Tuesdays ago and were here for a week.

Amy + I took my mom out to Rosa Mexicano for her birthday which was Oct.4. Happy Birthday Mom!

She seemed to enjoy her cake platter, cake knife & dish towels from Fishs Eddy (Ed especially liked that they were the absorbent kind).

I was able to take a day off and go to the Intrepid Museum with the fam.

The Growler submarine

Waiting in line.

Say hello to the Growler.

The command center in the Growler. Check out the great vintage colors!

On the flight deck of the Intrepid. Sooo windy!!

I was inspired by this sign which has probably seen years and years of wind.

See more pictures of our Intrepid trip here.

Sitting in my favorite part of the M86 bus, the center part that twirls a little bit. Strange, but my feet don't touch the ground while sitting in these seats which makes me feel like a kid again.

Mom + Daughter pictures at Union Square :)

psst. Should I get my hair cut this short (or at least how short it looks in this picture)?
I am thinking about getting a substantial amount cut off when I go in for a haircut this Friday...

See you at Christmas Mom + Ed. xo

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