Monday, November 23, 2009

Working for the Weekends

Work has been pretty grueling this last week, hence the lack of posts, and this week doesn't look any easier. We are trying to get all the Fall graphics out for kids, toddler and baby, an amount of graphics about x5's bigger than what we are used to. There is an end in sight or at least Thursday's off for Thanksgiving. Woohoo!

So I made sure to make the weekend count. I got to hang out with some of my favorite people.

You can definitely tell the holidays are approaching in the city. All office buildings have gorgeous trees in the lobby and I spotted such a cheerful weath on the bridge in Pershing Square on my walk to work. I'll try to snap a picture next time.

Sunday Tom and I met up for dessert...but before hand I got some fabric from one of my favorite stores. Purl. So small, but so cheerful. I'm planning on making something in the lines of this whale for christmas gifts.

The weather was oh so perfect this night. A clear view of the ESB from Once Upon A Tart just near Purl on Sullivan.

And, oh how wonderful it is to have someone special to plan trips to the ice skating rink. :)

Have a good week! Hope to write soon!

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