Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sweet Sunday

Last Sunday, Amy and I trekked up to the Bronx on the D train (oh D train, how I do not miss you since our old Harlem days) to go to the Fordham choir Christmas Concert at Fordham's church. It was a good way to get into the Christmas spirit.

Amy, her old college roommate, Erin, and I went to Palumbo's on Arthur Ave and had a few bites of heaven! Yum! Check out those pretty cookies!

This table next to us had the most adorable Italian couples having their regular Sunday night cannoli dessert and cappucinos. Wish I caught the moment when the husband was feeding his cannoli to his wife across the table. Such a sweet moment. Sigh.

But before I went to to meet up with Amy, Tom and I spent the morning at the Bust Craftacular on 18th street. I was there to see my co-worker, Nicola Druker, who was selling cute kids tees.

Some crafters really grabbed my attention.

SKT Painted Porcelain
sells handcrafted porcelains. Such sweet and simple objects that sparked my interest. I hope she restocks her Etsy store after the holiday season.

And Thief and Bandit. Trully love the bright florescent colors and geometric graphic prints on these pieces. I wish she had as many pieces in her Etsy shop as were at the event. But these pieces below.

HotGlow Fabric Necklace $39. here

Poncho T $30 here

Magenta Maze Fabric Necklace $39. here

Oh, and if I could recommend something, I would highly recommend the hot cocoa at Cupcake Cafe on 18th (it's in Books of Wonder, one of my faves!).
Sooooo good and made from teeny tiny bits of chocolate that dissolve in your mouth. Mmmmm.

How are you all doing with the Holidays approaching?
What gets you in the Holiday spirit?

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