Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Heart Day

A 24-year old, short-haired, blond girl
who likes to bake, to draw, to take photobooth pictures,
and to cheer tugboats on
has her eye on these.
[Hint Hint.]

and so might you!

[a. Cake Stand Thistle Rose $49.95 via FishsEddy b. Cake Stand Crown Tuscan $49.95-99.95 via FishsEddy c. Cupcake Cutie Candle Holder $16 via The Small Object d. Hotglow Fabric Necklace via Thief and Bandit e. Mini Mini Minature Cupcake Liners $2 via Cupcake Social on etsy f. Silver Foil Pillow $24 via UO g. Effie Sandal $138.00 via Free People h. Dulce Pink corazon cards $6 via essimar on etsy as featured on WTLTA i. Anything and everything from Emersonmade !!!! j. Paper Airplane Necklace $68 via FredFlare]

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