Sunday, January 24, 2010

LLBean got none of my Beans

I went to LLBean to get on the ball with my raingear shopping.
(I remember last year I was ill equipped for the weeks of rain in NYC and made a mental note of buying fun wellies and a rain jacket come this spring).

Sad to say LLBean, was disappointing, but Lands' End sure made up for it.

Lands' End has some uber cute items. Simple, classic and great, bold, fun colors.

Some of my picks that I compiled into outfits:

A Blustery February Day

umbrella $24
Faux fur hat $19.99*on sale now
Stripe Scarf $19.99* on sale now
Regular SunShower Rain Parka $39.99 *on sale now
Route 63 Snap Tote $138
Lined Wellie Rain Boots $39.99*on sale now

A Spring Shower Morning

SunShower Trench Coat $89.50 on sale now [didn't have my size :( ]
MicroFiber rain hat 12.99*on sale now I could so see my sister Kate pulling off one of these cute bucket hats, def not a look I could do)
Stick Umbrella $29* on sale

And check out their offshoot brand Lands' End Canvas.
It's kinda like JCrew in the silhouettes and styling, a little less expensive and not as bejeweled/shiny. But still great-looking pieces none-the-less.

RagtopCanvas Stripe Tote $34

Leather Sandals $69.50

Leather & Canvas Heel $125

Heritage Trench Coat $199.50

MacPea Coat $79.50

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