Sunday, April 8, 2012

Light & Airy

Happy Easter everyone!

The weather is beautiful here in Brooklyn and it has me thinking of the warm and breezy spring days that are just around the corner. These are a few things I have my eye on for those light and airy days.


3. Sarah envelope leather bag $30 by goldenponies
4. Tiny Gold Heart Necklace $22 JenniJewel
6. Tasi sunglasses $90 BCBG
7. Cloud Yellow scarf $75 from etsy Romina
8.  Porcelain Doll Head $40 from etsy shop EarthSeaWarrior
9.  Porcelain berry basket $40 forestclearing
10. BC swagger sandals via AE $50
11. chartreuse skirt $120 from etsy Modaspia

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