Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Shoes and more shoes

Wow. I didn't mean to abandon my blog for a month and a half now. Sorry readers! March was a month of visitors, my mom and my best friend from back home in Ohio, Adrienne. My cousin Neal also came into New York for a brief stay. I also routed on my sister to complete her first half marathon. She did a really great job! I also just completed a branding job for a wedding photographer that I will tell you more about when the end products are in a more 'live' state online. So, I think April is a nice time to catch my breath and get back into what I love doing.

Before all the craziness hit in March, I got a hold of one of Tom's men's fashion books and I fell in love with the men's shoes. Something about men's shoes really catches my attention. The buckles, the wingtips, the colorblocking. These sketches came out of that obsession.

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